A New Dawn Over Once Dark Lands

by Glacier Frost

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The third album from Glacier Frost and the final installment in the Nightmare Trilogy of albums. After the defeat of Nightmare Moon at the hooves of Twilight Sparkle and her comrades, Princess Luna's soul sunders in two, leaving Nightmare Moon a separate entity who's soul is cast into a mysterious afterlife where she is doomed to dwell for all eternity. Meanwhile, Princess Luna's rule is reinstated at her sister's side and peace once again returns to Equestria.


released December 30, 2016

Glacier Frost - All Instruments, Production
Samantha Linehan - Album Artwork



all rights reserved


Glacier Frost St. John'S, Newfoundland and Labrador

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Track Name: As Smoke Rises from the Ashes
Track Name: The Black Gala
Dressed halls of black
Parade of sorrow
Through brimstone streets

The black gala is near

Burning bright
Violet candles of ritual
Into the castle
The sarcophagus goes

The black gala is here

The mourners have gathered for their dead
Weeping in rows upon the cobblestone
Crying tears a darker shade of red
O’er the halls that have become her hobbled home

Walls alight with indigo flames
A somber mood within this fortress
Grey clouds resting overhead
Cover the dead Princess in her morbid dress

We are gathered here today
To say goodbye to a villainous tyrant
We deliver her body to decay
May the goddess judge her violence

Suffering a thousand cosmic lashes
Into eternity her effigies rust
Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
Track Name: Funeral Procession
Down the aisle draped in black
Funeral chants and a choir wailing
A lament for the dead goddess
Enrobed in indigo sails

Mourners gather for the spectacle
Pallbearers arrive single file
The sarcophagus opened wide
A lunar corpse displayed before them
Track Name: Interred in the Ancient Castle
Twas the onyx cathedral in the Everfree forest
Where the two of us once ruled together
Over this realm

In the ages since my violent upheaval
She has fallen into melancholy decay

Crumbling ruins, a memory of a bygone era
Seems no better of a place
To lay my sullen corpse to rest

Buried in these walls
My grave of stone
Buried in these walls
My mausoleum

This castle, a monument
To an ideal held by myself in a past life
Shall now hold my body for the remainder of eternity

And Luna, my better half
Shall know that I pose her no threat
For I am interred in the ancient castle

As dead as dead can be
As dead as dead can be
Track Name: Stellar Wanderer
Through trials of celestial plague
Tribulations of a new age
Perseverance after physical death
Still my dying soul draws breath

Wait not for the end to come
Snuff me out, this life is done
Send my spirit from this tomb
Let me rejoin the lunar womb

Reign forever morbid
My corpse a feast for corvids
Split in two, a sundered queen
Banished into space unseen

Stellar wanderer!
Nyctogeist incarnate!
I will rule my own death
I am not dead
Track Name: Boundaries of Astral Entwinement
Wading through a marsh of stars
I feel as though I belong to something else
Something from which I was severed
I held a greater purpose in life
And now here I drift through an endless tide

A connection forged in the light of a dying sun
Now broken and wavering
Torn in half by a band of villains
May the night sky swallow those fiends whole

I suppose this is the world of death
Beyond the veil of reality
I, the soul of something that now rests eternal
A bliss that I shall not enjoy
For that is the curse of the night’s spirit
The ghost of a dead moon

Here awaiting my personal oblivion
At the boundaries of astral entwinement
Destined to remain sleepless forever
Welcome to my ethereal waking Hell
Track Name: Wailing Waters of the Cosmic Sea
Adrift in a sea
Of starlit beauty
My spirit, alas
Torn from its roots
Amongst dark matter
Floating endlessly
Here I shall remain
Mesmerized and divine
Where moons vanish
Beyond the complex horizon
Towards bitter worlds
Unseen by lower forms
Outside all realms
A holy perspective
In the blackest heavens
Thoughtful ashes
Blowing in cosmic winds
Forgotten earthly body
Spiritual forms
Forever unbreathing

Track Name: Lay My Corpse Unto the Moon
I am the nocturnal child
I am the force of darkness
I bring the night upon the world
And bathe in the light of stars

Immerse into the catacombs of infinity
Join me in a journey towards the vast unknown

From whence I came
I shall return soon
Lay my corpse
Unto the moon

From whence I came
I shall return soon
Lay my corpse
Unto the moon

Doomed to die in daylight hours
Due to sacred resurrected power
Now forever my ethereal form
Wanders the void of space

Immerse into the catacombs of infinity
Join me in a journey towards the vast unknown

The burden of a physical form
No longer shackles me
I am free to become one
With the goddess that I once was

Immerse into the catacombs of infinity
Join me in a journey towards the vast unknown

From whence I came
I shall return soon
Lay my corpse
Unto the moon

From whence I came
I shall return soon
Lay my corpse
Unto the moon
Track Name: A Dream in the Cenotaph of Resurrection
Track Name: Returning Glory of the Moonrise
Reestablished glory of selenic might
Through a trial of perpetual night
Witness the nocturnal bloom of nature
Once lost to the power of diurnal hatred

Bring forth the goddess of stars
See this spherical beauty of ours
Gone are the times of darkness
Return to the days of stark contrast

Returning glory of the moonrise
Ascending the mountains of ice
Dead harbinger of a shaded demise
Now a reminder of defeated plight
Track Name: Light the Sky
Darkened skies relent their purpose
To the old light of the horned god
Parting the black clouds of anger
To shed the sun here and abroad

Burn away the curtains of hatred
And release warm rays upon the land
For the power of gold cloven hooves
Our realm will gladly stand

Divert the gaze of all bystanders
Await your eyes to adjust
See the hidden splendor before you
Driven away by nightmarish disgust

Spread your alicorn wings and fly
Light the sky

Warmth shall return to us
Once more as it had been in the past
Though history always repeats
We knew this difference would not last

Awaken to the morning anew
Celestial sphere of giving life
Praise be to our holy princess
For ridding us of nocturnal strife

Spread your alicorn wings and fly
Light the sky

Spread your alicorn wings and fly
Light the sky
Track Name: Dichotomy of the Celestial Spheres
Though I am of the night
And she is of the day
Still we are sisters who light the way

I pledge my life to thee
A country of the free and brave
And I shall defend it until I hear the call of the grave

Two opposite ends of the spectrum
Together to form a familial bond
And we will lead this nation into prosperity and beyond

You cannot ask too much of me
I have my life to give
To serve the folk who I have wronged and help them live

Ask not what you can do for Equestria
Ask what Equestria can do for you

Dichotomy of celestial spheres
We're not so different, you and I
You brought me back from the dark side
And now I must repent for my lies
Track Name: Welcome Home
I have come back to life
The moon, she lives again
No longer chained to evil
No longer enslaved within

I return to my lunar throne
Where I once ruled before
I see now with clarity
That I have become something more

A child of the darkness
Borne unto the light
Sibling blinding guidance
Leads me out of this plight

I prayed for forgiveness
And it I have received
I am truly whole now
I am your lunar queen

Oh mother, what things I've done
I embraced the darkness when I should have run
I repent for every rotten thing I've ever done

I stand before my subjects bare
Can you forgive an old jealous mare?
I serve you all as a ruler just and fair

O joyous day
I am myself again
Reborn from the grave
Where my black corpse stands
Alongside my sister
Rulers of this realm
Dearest inner self
Welcome home